Channon Sails supply high quality affordable sails for dinghies to super yachts, cruising or racing anywhere in the world.

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Welcome to Channon Sails.

Channon Sails was founded by John Channon, a master sail maker, in 2002 with a mission to provide affordability without compromising quality. This was achieved by using Far East construction. Today China Sail Factory, the largest supplier of sails to independent sail makers in the world, provide Channon Sails with sails of the highest quality, affordability and the ability to deliver direct to customer anywhere in the world within 4 weeks.

Channon Sails Cruising Sails

From the ultimate value crosscut coastal cruising sails, our Bare Essential Sails range, through Blue water Cruise sails built from all Purpose and Strong Fill Dacron, High Performance Vectran and Custom Axis Laminate sails to Radial Multi Film Cruise Laminate sails, there is a sail to suit all cruising applications and budgets. Cruising Spinnakers in a choice of Asymmetric, Symmetric, Light, Medium or Heavy in materials that provide superb stretch resistance with competitive pricing.

Channon Sails Racing Sails

Tri Radial Laminate racing sails provide performance on a reasonable budget for club racing applications to MXL Advanced Load path Membrane and state of the art high performance Custom Membrane sails. Racing Spinnakers in AIRX Spinnaker Nylon are first class and built without compromise in materials, hardware or finishing techniques to give the ultimate smooth sail with exceptional longevity

Channon Sails Dinghy Sails

Replacement Sails for a wide range of the most popular dinghies are built to exacting standards. Special offers are available to Yacht Clubs, Sailing Schools and Beach Clubs.

Channon Sails Accessories

For sail protection and handling there is a full range of Boom covers, Lazy cradles, Genoa sleeves and Spinnaker sleeves.